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Vor Icelandic Gin 47% 500 ml

“VOR”, which is Icelandic for spring, is Iceland’s first and only premium pot distilled gin. Made from 100% organic Icelandic barley grown at the arctic circle in a cold climate, resulting in a hardy and full flavoured base, Vor extend their local approach to ensure all the botanicals are seasonal, handpicked and native to Iceland. Non chill filtration means flavour and texture are further maximised. Pot distilled in small batches, botanicals include juniper, angelic root, kale, rhubarb, sweet kelp, creeping thyme, crowberries, Iceland moss and birch leaves.

Vor is made from 100% organic Icelandic barley. The barley is grown at the arctic circle in a cold climate, resulting in a hardy and full flavored base for our gin.


We hope to capture the essence of Icelandic nature with our unique blend of wild Icelandic juniper berries, rhubarb, and other selected Icelandic herbs.

All our botanicals are handpicked and native to Iceland. We take great care in selecting only the best available herbs and botanicals available each season. We hand craft each batch of Gin and carefully monitor the process, selecting only the best part of each distillation cycle in order to ensure quality and good taste.


VOR, gin is pot distilled using our custom made small batch distilling unit. This method gives us a truly unique spirit base from the Icelandic barley, and all of the essential oils of the botanicals are carefully preserved in the distilling process.


Vor, Premium Gin recieved a double gold award at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirit Competition. Ranking it as one of the best gins in the world.
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
47 % (V/V)
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