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Tanqueray London Dry Gin 43.1% 700 ml

Tanqueray London Dry Gin is distilled four times and has the perfect balance of four classic gin botanicals - refreshing juniper, peppery coriander, aromatic angelica and sweet liquorice. It is best enjoyed with tonic water, plenty of ice and a wedge of lime, but can be used as a great base for a wide range of cocktails.
The Tanqueray Export Quality London Dry Gin is made with four distinct botanicals for an unrivalled flavour (juniper, coriander, wild celery and liquorice). A four step distillation process is involved in the making of Tanqueray London Dry Gin. The only flavours you will get after the distillation are those of the botanicals with only strength from the neutral spirit. Mix with ice, tonic and lime.

Fresh and smooth with slight hints of juniper and citrus coming through
Made with four distinct botanicals for an unrivalled flavour
A perfectly balanced gin and one of the most awarded gins in the world
Mix with ice, tonic and lime for a perfect taste
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
43.1 % (V/V)
Article No.