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Plymouth English Gin 41,2% 1000 ml

Made in England's oldest distillery. On the nose, notes of juniper, cereals and orange peel are free and fill the air. On the palate, juniper, orange and lemon join together until the final fine notes of angelica root and cardamom. In the aftermath, the typical juniper berry flavor adheres to the palate - and remains long after the actual enjoyment.
While the term London Dry only evokes a certain style of gin, Plymouth designates a specific origin. Gins bearing this name can only be produced in the town of Plymouth, on England’s southern coast. Distilled at the Black Friars Distillery, Plymouth Gin is the most recent brand to be granted this status. Containing slightly less juniper, and slightly more of certain roots, the flavour of Plymouth gin is a little milder than London Dry. Bottled at 41.2% ABV, there is a second version, Navy Strength.
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
41.2 % (V/V)
Article No.