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Nikka Coffey Gin 47% 700 ml

Gin from Nikka?! Oh yes, my friends, the folks at Nikka aren't simply just whisky geniuses - they're accomplished gin producers too! Produced in Coffey stills using a base of barley and corn, Nikka Coffey Gin features a selection of enjoyably vibrant botanicals, including amanatsu, kabosu, shikuwasa and yuzu, as well as sansho pepper, among others.
Nikka Coffey Gin obviously has nothing to do with coffee. The truth is it is being distilled in coffey stills, just like the Nikka Coffey Whisky. The name of this methodology comes from Irish engineer Aeneas Coffey, who in 1831 significantly improved Robert Stein's column still developed for continous distilling. By using it the production of large quantities of whisky could be optimized. Distilling in coffey stills leads to a more intense flavor, but is also significantly more difficult than in the modern continous stills.

Nikka Coffey Gin is made using 11 botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica root, lemon and orange peel, plus the typical Japanese ingredients yuzu, amanatsu, shīkuwāsā, kabosu and sansho pepper. Also, paying credit to Nikka's company traditions, apple juice is added, as Nikka in 1934 originally was founded as a producer of apple juice. Sansho pepper and slight apple notes thus dominate the Coffey Gin's long finish.

Nikka Coffey Gin is an enrichment for the gin market as well as for your own house bar. A true joy no matter if enjoyed with tonic, soda or straight.

Japanese Gin
Quantity: 700 ml
Alk.: 47% vol
Importer: Kai Fryder Beverages, Melchiorstr. 26, 10179 Berlin
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
47 % (V/V)
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