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Kalumba Spiced gin 37.5% 700 ml

Kalumba Madagascar Spiced Gin is the newest product development of the largest Hungarian family-owned spirit company Zwack Unicum Plc - having more than 200 years experience in bitters & spirits. The product development took 4 years, the branding, packaging and marketing project spanned over 2 years, landing on the shelves this summer.
Kalumba is a fig based gin with spices & herbs from Madagascar. The “Kalumba” name derives from one of the main ingredients (Jateorhiza palmata) common name “Calumba”. It has a rich amber colour, tastes with a citrus flavour embraced with the fig characteristics. It is unique among all gins is that it is best enjoyed in a shot (on chilled temperature) or with ginger ale & lime. The brand’s symbol is the polygon lemur head - an iconic indigenous animal of Madagascar.
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
37.5 % (V/V)
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