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jinzu Gin 41.3% 700 ml

Jinzu Gin brings English and Japanese traditions together to create an exciting, intriguing spirit. It's made with a blend of English gin (featuring juniper, coriander, angelica, yuzu and Japanese cherry blossom as botanicals) and sake which brings a luxurious, creamy mouth feel and a subtle, compelling sweetness to its flavour profile.
Now, there some interesting gins to hit the market and this is surely stand-out, and where East meets West!

Infused with yuzu fruit and 'hint' cherry blossom (delicious), it combines a Scottish gin with a distilled sake both from Cameronbridge distillery, owned by drinks giant Diageo.

Jinzu is the name of a Japanese river where 1000 blossom trees align its shores.

There are strong citrus aromas and the sake gives a sweetness, whilst the hint of cherry blossom is floral all with the under-pinning of juniper.

Suggested serve with tonic and apple garnish.
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
41.3 % (V/V)
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