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Gilt Single Malt Gin 40% 700 ml

Gilt Gin is made by the same Scottish company which makes the famous Valt Vodka. It's based on single malt spirit, which is distilled five times from nothing but malted barley.
Gilt has been created from the vast experience of centuries in the homeland of the most skilful and knowledgeable distilling nations, scotland. Gilt gin takes the art of distillation to a new level. Distilled in a unique copper pot still, designed to achieve our exacting standards, only 100% malted barley is combined with the pure water of the mightly river spey. A secret charcoal and chill filration process perfects and finishes the fifteen bubble plate distillation. Gilt’s signature is the light citrus botanicals which enhance is pedigree. It has the balance and fine flavour that meets the standards of the most discerning taste. gilt is a supreme tribute to the scottish pathfinders of generations past. Discover and enjoy this exclusive “single malt gin”.
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
40 % (V/V)
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