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G'Vine Floraison Gin 40% 1000 ml

Produced in the French region of Cognac, G'Vine is a hint as to what this unique gin contains. It's actually infused with Ugni Blanc grape, as well as some more standard botanicals including ginger root, liquorice, cardamom, cassia bark, coriander, cubeb berries, nutmeg, lime and even a bit of juniper.
Crafted in France, G’Vine is the original French gin crafted from grapes. Smooth and floral, G’Vine invites to discover a new gin perspective with a refreshing G’Vine & Tonic.

This is the luxury French gin made from grapes which has a round, soft, vibrantly floral flavour. Once a year, for a few days only, the vine flower blossoms to life: this period is called Floraison in French, and this gin, G’Vine Floraison captures the essence of this ephemeral, exhilarating fragrance, and the warmth of the summer arrival as a key botanical.

The delicate, aromatic vine flower together with the smooth grape spirit combined to the traditional juniper berry and 8 other botanicals make it a well-balanced, full bodied and soft gin, which is deliciously refreshing and appreciated by gin lovers and non gin-drinkers alike.
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
40 % (V/V)
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