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Citadelle Gin 44% 700 ml

Authentic gin made with 19 spices from all over the world, in accordance with 450 years of French tradition. Rated #1 best tasting gin.
Citadelle gin offers a subtle bouquet, with aromas of juniper and citrus. It is elegant, soft, and smooth on the palate. It has a long aftertaste which expresses its aromatic complexity to the fullest. At 44° - 88 proof, Citadelle gin is perfectly balanced between intensity and finesse.
Wine Enthusiast

The first nosing passes find scents of fresh flowers, jasmine, honeysuckle, and cardamom; further aeration stimulates deeper, more herbal notes including anise, grains of paradise, and cinnamon. At the palate entry, the off-dry juniper presence is clearly evident; at midpalate the taste profile turns creamy, rich, and flowery once again. Ends up off-dry, high on juniper essence, and elegant.
Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
44 % (V/V)
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