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Buss N509 Gin Pink Grapefruit 40% 700 ml

Packed with citrus notes, this Buss No.509 Gin features red Californian grapefruit as a botanical, along with Juniper, Coriander, Liquorice, Angelica, Vanilla, Cardamom, Iris, Orange and Lemon. Bright and flavoursome, this Belgian gin would make for a fine aperitif.
Flavour packed gin blended with citrus notes of red Californian grapefruit. This gin emphasises the bitter notes well, although not over-powering. Simply enjoy over ice and garnish with red grapefruit peel.

Bitter complex flavour with a hint of grapefruit
Made with fresh pink grapefruit
Delightfully full in flavour
Natural light pink grapefruit colour
Perfectly suited for aperitif and digestive
Alcohol content
40 % (V/V)
Article No.