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Buss N509 Gin Persian Peach 40%

The fourth release from the Buss No.509 is a Persian Peach flavoured gin, made with a selection of botanicals including juniper, coriander, liquorice, angelica, vanilla, cardamom, iris, orange, lemon and fresh Persian peaches. Goes well in a gin and tonic garnished with mint leaves...
Buss No. 509 Persian Peach will transport your soul directly to the land of the rising sun. Here, peaches clearly play the main role. In addition, notes of juniper and selected herbs blend in with the peachy aroma. Coriander, liquorice, vanilla, angelica root, cardamom, iris root, and citrus peel also add to the hearty fruity aromas of the peaches. Sweetness and freshness alternate and differentiate Buss No. 509 Persian Peach distinctly from a typical London Dry.

Enjoy your Persian Peach Gin as an aperitif or digestif, pure, on ice, or in your preferred Gin & Tonic. The manufacturer themselves recommend it with ice cubes, fresh mint, and pieces of fresh peaches.

Fresh and sweet flavour with a hint of peach
Made with fresh Persian peach fruits
Delightfully full in flavour
It has light peach colour
Perfectly suited for aperitif and digestive

Volume (ml)
Alcohol content
40 % (V/V)
Article No.