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Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2010 whisky 700 ml

This is a thought provoking, uber-provenance single malt whisky distilled from barley grown by eight family farms on our remote Scottish island home. Barley varieties Optic and Oxbridge were planted across the breadth of the island in 2009. We distilled their spirit early in 2010 and it ran clean, rich and malty, before being filled into ex-Bourbon and French wine casks and matured in our warehouses by Loch Indaal.
The taste of peaty whiksy without the peat and doesn't taste like an oxidized whisky is the great signature of this whisky. Quite lovely.

Sweaty shirts? This whisky is unpeated, however its islay barley hence the coal smell is still present! Seaside saltiness, sourish malt, with some vanilla and lemon.
Sweet vanilla, follow by salted caramels and end with pepper. The slighty thick mouth feel, oily and saltiness covered the high abv very well until the end when the huge pepper punch on the tongue!
Medium long, sweaty peppery and some sweetness.

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