Kapszulák és párnák

CAPSULE and PODS | To achieve our portioned coffee pods and capsules we use methods of processing and packaging modern and innovative. Pods and capsules are individually packed in triple aluminum film layer in a protective atmosphere.

Our offer includes mixtures from vigorous, creamy body, dense and persistent in the following formats: Wafers diameter 44 mm (7.5 g), compatible Nespresso® Capsules (5.5 g), Lavazza® A modo Mio (7 g), Point® and Blue®(7.3 g), Uno System®, Caffitaly® e Dolce Gusto®.


Each format ensures the freshness of each single dose without affecting all of the coffee components, and allows you to prepare and serve easily and quickly an espresso in a workmanlike manner, as good as the one served at the bar.