Liquore Melone Golmar 70 cl / 30% Vol.

Melon liqueur that best enhances the aromatic characteristics of the original fruit in full respect of the Italian tradition.
Zanin 1895 - High Quality Spirits Since 1895

In the mid-800 Bortolo Zanin opened an inn, which offered, between the various local food and drinks, even the "white spirit". Zugliano people developped a passion for the "graspe" so much that Bortolo decided to begin to expand the production of distillates. In the '40s, with the inn all in all closed, the son Rino continued the expansion activity of the distillery and aging of destillates, leading to fame the Cavallina Bianca brand. In the '70s, with Fausto Zanin the company expands abroad, in 38 countries. Today the distillery is led by Piero Zanin and his brother-in-law Massimo Fontana, which have enlarged the production to new premises in Zugliano, restoring the old mill acquired by father Fausto. Four generations linked by the same passion, illustrated in the essence of every drop labeled Zanin 1895.

Golmar - Made in Italy

The fragrance of history, tradition and passion is given off in a brand that unites the origin to the race of the product.

Golmar - Melon Liqueur

Orange-yellow in color, the scent is clearly recognizable by the clear melon aroma. The taste is then found in the mouth where the melon fully emanates its characteristics.