Tanqueray London Dry Gin 47.3% 1000 ml

It starts with the man. Charles Tanqueray. The bold spirit who traded the church for the still and in the process, created one of the world's most awarded gins. Tonight we toast the bold spirit worthy of its seal and 180 years of distilling excellence.
There's no doubt that alcohol strength plays an important role in flavour delivery. The most exciting taste experiences from spirits usually come from bottlings over 46% ABV. Unfortunately, tax laws in Australia mean that many mainstream spirits are marketed on price first, flavour second. The temptation for producers to bottle at lower strengths is understandable. They know that their brand will fall into a different tax bracket, so they'll pay less, and ultimately appear more competitively priced in a crowded market. The compromise is on flavour. So if you think you've tried Tanqueray, think again. This is a limited shipment at "Export Strength" revealing this Gin's full splendour.
47,3 % (V/V)