Gordon's Gin 37.5% 1000 ml

Gordon’s® London Dry gin is painstakingly refined utilizing a mystery formula. The particularly invigorating taste originates from the best handpicked juniper berries and a determination of different botanicals. The taste’s made Gordon’s the world’s top rated London Dry gin.
Gordon's Special Dry London Gin is incredibly popular in this country. In the UK the lush green bottle is already widely available, but it is not in Germany. Originally the green bottle was only developed for the UK market, as UK manufacturing restrictions in the 19th century allowed only green glass to circumvent the expensive clear glass price. Outside of the UK, you can usually only get clear glass bottles by Gordon's. Today the bottle represents a real rarity among connoisseurs and lovers of the brand. At Urban Drinks you can now buy the green bottle and enjoy it here in Germany.

Gordon's Special Dry London Gin
Size: 1000 ml
Alcohol By Volume(ABV): 37.5%
The distinctively refreshing taste comes from using only the finest ingredients including juniper, coriander seeds and angelica root
Special dry London Gin. Distilled in Great Britain since 1789.
Traditional single fold distillation
Eight hand selected botanicals
Distilled from grain
37,5 % (V/V)