Finsbury London Dry Gin 700 ml

An old London dry brand dating back to 1740 that may take it's name from the fact that the Borough of Finsbury is the location of the Clerkenwell springs at the heart of London's traditional gin industry. It's made with juniper, exotic fruits, herbs and spices.
Finsbury Gin is one of the oldest under the world-renowned Gin brands. In the established in London in months 1740, the Finsbury Distillery by Joseph Bishop. Since then, name has been synonymous with the greatest Finsbury distilled London Dry Gin for highest quality standards.
The same dimensions as Finsbury Distillery and quality Go hand in hand, name has been synonymous with the greatest Finsbury for the depth connection to London. Now can be found in the British capital city with roads, spots, parking systems and pubs the the a proud name wear.
'The excellent Gins the Finsbury Distillery are made of selected Juniper Berries, Tropical fruits, and other fine herbs and spices to the special "single batch made from the 18th century distilled.
'Finsbury distilled London Dry Gin is an extremely fine, mild as the International and in the UK's favourite flavour type "London Dry Gin.