Colombian Aged Gin Black 43% 700 ml

Colombian Treasure gin is based on a unique Colombian fruit lemon mandarino which blends the exotic sweet taste of the tangerine and the acidity of the lemon to give fantastic balance
Treasure gin is full of light and body, proof of its quality and clarity
Tangerine enhanced with lemon notes, followed by mint, spearmint and pepper and a bit of sweetness from the wood and berries
Pleasant notes and roundness from the tangerine, lemon, mint and pepper combined with the traditional flavours of gin enhanced by the time spent in oak barrels
HISTORY The year is 1913 and the Parra family establishes its first distillery in the heart of Cartagena de India's and from there knowledge is passed from father to son over successive generations. The family works the land and so the legend of Dictator grows. A short ten years later the company now known as Destileria Colombian is admitted into the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena, a sure sign the company and its rum are thriving. By 1951 through perseverance and hard work it has grown into one of the biggest distilling and ageing facilities in Colombia. In 2009 during a vacation trip to Cartagena, European investors sample and fall in love with the rum. Eager to share the unique taste of the rum with the rest of the world they decide to buy shares in Destileria Colombian and so a partnership is forged in the heat of this smooth, amber liquid we call Dictator.
43 % (V/V)