Buss N509 Gin White Rain 50% 700 ml

All the way from Belgium comes the Buss No.509 range of gins made by Buss Spirits, which was created by Serge Buss. For their White Rain expression, the botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice, vanilla, cardamom, iris, verbena, orange and lemon - among others. It also features a hearty hint of marjoram at its core, bringing full, herbal notes to the fore.
Buss N°509, the distillery developed by its eponymous gastronomic inventeur, has been reinventing flavours in a country better known for its famous fermentations than refined spirits. The label’s White Rain gin has a complex flavour profile with subtly spicy notes, developed from macerating the heady botanical mix with marjoram. A bold yet refreshing tipple to be enjoyed on the rocks, or with a tonic to cut through the flavours, and a gold medal winner at the 2015 Spirits Selection competition.

Spiced and herbal flavour with a hint of marjoram
It is clear and transparent
Rich blend of the finest spices and a premium spirit
Exquisitely complex in flavour
Perfectly suited for aperitif and digestive
50 % (V/V)