Grappa Chardonnay 50 cl / 40% Vol.

The taste of grappa is soft, warm, enveloping, warming, with a smooth texture, fruity undertones and a long aftertaste.
Today Zanin is one of the largest Italian producers of alcoholic beverages represented in 45 countries around the world. The success it owes the true passion of the whole family dynasty to the creation of decent spirits of the highest quality. Careful selection of raw materials and the continuous improvement of methods of distillation are the basic principles that connect the four-generation family Zanin. Every year more and more awards supplement the already extensive collection, which already has more than 160 medals. This is - the result of hard work and endless love for the cause of his life for all family members.

History of the House Zanin began in 1895 when Bortolo Zanin, owner of a small hotel and a few vineyards began to use waste from the distillation of wine to create grappa or, as he called it, the "white spirit". Its products are a great success among those who toil in factories and farms to make a living. Bortolo closed the hotel and seriously engaged in distillation, involving the whole family. His son Rhino, taking over from his father the intricacies of production, expanded the range of products through the issuance of vegetable and berry medicinal tinctures. In 60 years at the head of the company became Fausto Zanin, who seriously wondered idea of ​​spreading the culture of grappa worldwide. For this, he for many years, buying up various companies, creating alternative production lines that would be involved in the issue of new types of alcoholic products. During his reign he made a number of successful strategic business solutions, one of which was the creation of its own Cycling Team, which had the same name with the brand "Cavallina Bianca".
Active export policy has continued to the next generation Zanin - Piero and Alessandra, who took the reign in 2004 after his father's death. They finished the modernization and launched a giant industrial complex area of ​​30,000 square meters, which can visit anyone, and learn the history of this unique family.