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Gold Blend 1000g | Caffé Marcelletti

Gold Blend 1000g | Caffé Marcelletti
Gold Blend 1000g | Caffé Marcelletti

For this blend we selected more than 10 different origins of coffee beans. Together they give life to one of the most appreciated product in Italy and abroad.


The careful selection of high ground Arabica give a cream with an intense light brown, reddish, firm, persistent and thick. Natural and pleasing acidity, medium body balanced with aroma of caramel and floral facets, slightly spicy aftertaste with lingering licorice.

Intense floral aroma with cocoa and caramel notes, medium degree of density, velvety cream, with an aftertaste of sweet toasted caramel and licorice.
Coffee beans
80% Arabica - 20% Robusta
Product yield
Portion of ground coffee needed per cup: 7 +/– 0,5 gr; milliliters in cup: 25 +/– 2,5 (including cream)
Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources
Duration of the product
In intact packaging, best before 12 months
Article No.
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