Gin and Ginger | Two of my favorite colors. And Yours?

Larios Rose Gin 37,5% 700 ml

Larios Rose ist ein außergewöhnlicher Premium Gin der durch seine klassischen Wachholdernoten treu zu seiner Gin-Identität steht.
Spanish gin infused with strawberry. Soft and fresh citrus notes with aromas of succulent strawberry complete with a lovely long finish. The pink colour makes it even more appealing. Enjoy with a mixer of your choice and garnish with lime peel.

37.5% ABV
Launched in 2015
Strawberry flavoured Mediterranean Premium Gin
Distilled 4 times and infused with strawberries to create a mild yet refreshing gin.
Colour: Clear, shiny with pink tones.
Aroma: Sensation of clean, fresh air brings out a strawberry fragrance with a touch of citrus
Taste: Mediterranean citrus fruits round off by the perfect taste of strawberry.
37,5 % (V/V)