Gin and Ginger | Two of my favorite colors. And Yours?

Beefeater Gin 700 ml

Beefeater Gin ist der Gin überhaupt. In jeder guten Bar anzutreffen und in der Qualität unübertroffen. Mit seinen Gin-typischen Eigenschaften ist er eine viel benutzte Spirituose in Cocktailbars.
Gin has been produced in England since the early seventeenth century. During the nineteenth century, a chemist named James Burrough combined the wild flavour of juniper with the subtle sweetness of angelica and the spicy orange of coriander to produce a new highly aromatic style. Burrough was supposedly the first to coin the term 'London Dry' to differentiate the style from its Dutch counterparts.

Beefeater follows the traditional London style, while retaining a particularly soft and delicate mouthfeel. In comparison with other gins similarly priced, Beefeater represents good value for money. 40% alc./vol. An ideal mixer for a Singapore Sling.