Gin and Ginger | Two of my favorite colors. And Yours?

Dictador Columbian Aged Gin White 43% 700 ml

Der kolumbianische Gin Dictador im Geschenkset wurde von Dario Parra, dem Eigentümer der Destillerie, höchstselbst und nur für seinen Eigenverbrauch hergestellt, nach Dario Parra England besucht hatte und dort "God's own drink" genossen hatte. Mit dem Dictador ist ihm ein grosser Wurf gelungen, und der erste Gin Kolumbiens überhaupt.
Columbian Aged Ortodoxy gin is elaborated by the Dictador distillery. Aged in ex-rum casks, it is then filtered giving to the gin, its light color and clarity. A sweet and mollowed gin expressing notes of spices (clove), orange blossom, verbena, rose mary and undergrowth.

Colour: In the glass, Ortodoxy Gin is full of light and body, proof of its quality and clarity.

Aroma: On the nose it displays a balance of the bitterness of the roots, the freshness of the botanicals, the sweet and sour of berries and peels, and the warmth of the spices. The initial aroma is of the juniper and the angelica combined with mint, lemon and pepper. The secondary aromas of cinnamon, blueberry and ginger merge to create a classic dry gin.

Palate: In the mouth it is flavourful and smooth, along with the astringency, sweet and sour of classic gin. At 43% alcohol, this gin mixes well with a wide range of tonics. Tonic plus a slice of lemon and you can enjoy the best classic, or Ortodoxy!
43 % (V/V)