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Liquore Sambuca 70 cl / 40% Vol.

Liquore Sambuca  70 cl / 40% Vol.

Liquore Sambuca 70 cl / 40% Vol.

Sambuca ist ein leicht süßlicher Anis Liquore aus Italien, der gerne nach dem Essen, oft mit einer Kaffee Bohne im Glas, gereicht wird. Es handelt sich um DEN Klassiker unter den italienischen Likören.
Zanin, Sambuca - traditional Italian anise liqueur in the interpretation of Zanin. The beverage produced from alcohol, sugar, anise infusion aromatic herbs and flowers. Traditionally, it is used as an ingredient for cocktails, but in its pure form as a digestif sambuca also popular. In Italy, the common way is to use sambuca "flies" (con mosca), with it the role of the Flies "play" usually three coffee beans, thrown into a container with a drink. This submission identifies health wish, wealth and happiness. Sambuca from the Italian company Zanin has a sweet, spicy taste and rich aroma with tangible hints of anise.

Liquor transparent color.

At Sambuca sweet and seductively spicy flavor, buttery, dense texture and a stable, rich aftertaste.

The aroma of liquor - expressive, bright tones with tangible hints of anise and spices.

Sambuca ideal as digestives in pure form or with the addition of ice. It is also used as an ingredient for cocktails or added to coffee.