Caffè Marcelletti

The firm Coffee Marcelletti operates in Bar supplies industry since the '60s. Our experience has led us to develop high-quality coffee beans blends, soon became very popular in the Italian market. Our history is therefore a fusion of experience and passion, made up of many small daily successes. The result of a thorough process, hard-working, innovative and unique, the Marcelletti coffee is a high quality product, made thanks to manufacturing skills acquired over time to meet the demanding palates of gourmet coffee. Modern technology marries the ancient craft skills. Our coffee is produced through the latest machinery in order to reduce combustion harmful to health and guarantee a quality of constant and uniform roasting. Always a perfect cup at every opportunity.

RAW MATERIALS | Mixtures are designed and implemented by experienced master roasters and come from the most renowned plantations. 

COFFEE BEANS | We offer high quality bar blends, using supreme quality beans and traditional roasting processing.

WEEKLY ROASTING | We roast our coffee every week to ensure a constant expressive aroma cup after cup.

COMPANY | In order to enhance our brand within the Bar we provide our customers a wide range of gadgets. These include coffee and cappuccino cups, mugs Sugar door, towel holder and table sugar, aprons, polo shirts, T-shirts, watches. We are also able to provide our customers with customized hub of Bar logo. On request we can also realize other exclusive merchandise products.

CAPSULE and PODS | To achieve our portioned coffee pods and capsules we use methods of processing and packaging modern and innovative. Pods and capsules are individually packed in triple aluminum film layer in a protective atmosphere.

Our offer includes mixtures from vigorous, creamy body, dense and persistent in the following formats: Wafers diameter 44 mm (7.5 g), compatible Nespresso® Capsules (5.5 g), Lavazza® A modo Mio (7 g), Point® and Blue®(7.3 g), Uno System®, Caffitaly® e Dolce Gusto®.

Each format ensures the freshness of each single dose without affecting all of the coffee components, and allows you to prepare and serve easily and quickly an espresso in a workmanlike manner, as good as the one served at the bar.