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Grappa Prosecco 50 cl / 40% Vol.

The taste of grappa is soft, balanced, gentle, rounded, with hints of yeast, notes of fresh fruit and a persistent finish. More:
"Le Opere" Prosecco is a young, clean, refined grappa, which is made by distillation in copper cubes of cake remaining from the production of wine from the Glera (Prosecco) grape. In the taste and aroma of grappa predominate notes of fresh fruit. After prolonged gentle double distillation and double filtration, grappa is aged in stainless steel tanks.


Grappa is recommended to serve in pure form as a digestif, or accompanied by a cup of coffee.


Grappa crystal clear, transparent color.


Delicate aroma of grappa filled with floral and fruity (yellow apple, pear) notes.
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